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    ^are you curious about your half brother? Did you do any searching/ Googling? (just curious)

    One of my high school classmates found out that her dad had a 2nd family/ that she has a half-sibling when we were in our 20s. The 1st family only found out when the dad died (in his 50s) and left something in his will for the half-sibling & the mother of the child. The 1st family (to which my classmate belonged to) were all gobsmacked. The half-sibling was less than 10 yrs old at that time. Their family drama was soap opera level.

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    Quote Originally Posted by katie23 View Post
    are you curious about your half brother? Did you do any searching/ Googling? (just curious)
    Nope, not really bothered, actually had completely forgotten and not even thought of it in the last 10+ years.

    Upon reading the thread I remembered that my uncle adopted twins, a few days before remembering that I have a half-brother that was adopted.

    There was a bit of interest, in seeing if we look the same, sound the same, apparently I sound just like my dad and sit in a chair just like him, my older sister would come into the living room and say 'Jeesayer Chreest, it's like seeing dad sitting there in that position.

    My other older sister started freaking out at the time about our inheritance possibly having to be split with another person if he shows up, which I thought was a bit of a selfish thing to be thinking about.

    Guess at this stage we'll never know anything about him as he never made contact after being legally able to get our family information.

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