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    Cheap Car Insurance

    I have a 2011 Mazda 2 every Year till now I have insured with an Online Broker!! I do not use the car very much in fact it has done less than 19,000 Kilometres from new! Does anyone have an idea where I can find some cheap insurance. Obviously in Thailand there is no " No Claim Discount" or an agreed mileage Policy. I got the Compulsory cover when I Taxed what I really want is a policy that covers my damage but perhaps more importantly third party damage, my thinking is in the eventuality I hit an expensive Mercedes and it is deemed to be my fault with no cover I would be stuffed!!!

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    Just send the same email to lots of different companies.

    You'll also get 5% discount for having a dash cam (photos of it installed required)

    We've always been impressed with the price of vehicle insurance here.

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    I'm with these guys - Online car insurance

    Beat all the other competition by about 2k baht last year. Quick and easy to get a quote/sign up.

    Know 2 other people who use them and have had no problems (have not tried to claim anything off them, so cannot comment on that).
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