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    Quote Originally Posted by bowie View Post
    There ya go folk. Ole cheap charlie has spoken.

    one of the 95%ers I spoke about.
    Wait, can i join in too?
    No Sin Sot.
    No village wedding.
    Official registry office in BKK - done and dusted, wife heavily pregnant, 2005.

    Moved here in 03.
    Lived with her and MIL in MIL's house checking the lie of the land, family, business ideas etc etc, land purchases, oh and drinking vast amounts of Chang. For 18 months.
    MIL is one of the nicest human beings i've ever met, to this day.
    Hard life, brought her 2 kids up pretty much on her own, no money to keep her daughter in school after 12, put her son in with the monks for a temple education, and by the time my future wife was 13, she was on skyscrapers in BKK with her mum, 50 Baht per day, construction wages.
    So when i asked about the SS tradition, her simple reply was i don't want or need money, nor the ceremony, the only thing i ask of you is to take care of my daughter and my grand daughter, then aged 4.
    Today, me and the missus are still together, she has a decent business & income, and my step daughter graduates from Uni next year.
    So i kept my side of the bargain.
    My wife is not into face, despises village gossip, despises girls who marry up with an expat, then forget where they come from, all of a sudden from one month to the next, all airs and graces, expensive clothes and jewelley etc etc.
    All her friends are the ones she's known all her life either from the village or the times from working in BKK.
    Before we married, we'd been invited to a couple of expat/Thai weddings.
    The full monty.
    The cardboard arch, the band, the tables with table clothes on, free booze and nosh, band, the hired and or bought wedding dress & tuxedo garbage.
    The Sin Sot.
    The new Fortuner wedding gift.
    All in the middle of nowhere.
    200k cost.
    My missus turns to me and says what a waste of 200k.
    Just for face.
    Could have bought 10 rai of land with that....

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    Couldn't agree more with what you say thaiguzzi. I met my missus in 2000 we were married in Australia in 2002, no Thai's present at the wedding but lots of other people, 80 at the sit down dinner after the wedding and then another 100 or more came along afterwards had a great time, cost about A$8000 at the time.
    I had spoken to my missus about sin sod and we agreed that it will be paid over the years in instalments as needed. I believe if we had given a large amount it would have been wasted very quickly. My wife's father died about 10months before we were married and we have looked after her Mum ever since. I would give her anything she asked for as she is a fantastic woman and works very hard, even with a pacemaker. She raised 9 kids, some of whom I have no time for but most are OK.
    I live in Thailand with Thai's so I don't try to make them into Westerners but they haven't succeeded into making me a Thai either. I respect that they do things their way and I do most things my way. I think we live a pretty good life together.

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    most shocking part of this thread is bowie wearing a dress

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    ^ keeps the undesirables at bay

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