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    Thais doing better - a generational change

    I have followed Perota's thread titled "Are Thai people doing better?" and thought about putting these comments there. However, I decided to start a new thread as some of the observations, while related to Perota's thread, are different. The observations are as a result of my attendance at a New Year's Eve party organised by a few local people in the soi.

    At one stage of the evening, the party was attended by 4 younger people (let's call them A1, A2, B1, and B2) who called in to see their parents before going off to their own celebrations. A1 (26-year old female) and A2 (22-year old male) are the children of my partner and B1 (21-year old female) and B2 (18-year old male) are their cousins. As they stood around talking (and continually checking their mobiles etc) I looked at them and wondered at the enormous generational change that has occurred for these young people compared to their parents. I commented on this to one of the few people at the party who could speak English and she agreed that the speed of change was bewildering for many young people and their parents.

    These four are from rice-growing families in a typical Isan village about 80km outside a major rural city and all attended the village primary school. B1 and B2 went on to the local high school, and B1 finished her secondary education with 3 years at a city school. A1 and A2, as a result of me appearing on the scene, moved to the city and won places at a highly-regarded (by the Thai community) city high school.

    A1 has just graduated with a law degree and has recently started work for the Ministry of Justice. A2 has just graduated with an engineering degree and has almost completed his first year in industry. B1 has worked in a post office for 2 years. B2 has just signed on for the army.

    As I watched these four at the party, I was astonished at the differences between their lives and those of their parents. The lives they lead are a world away from that village in which they were brought up and readily go back to visit, but are quick to leave to resume their lives in Bangkok, Chonburi, Khon Kaen, and Ratchaburi.

    Their futures are no longer dominated by the coming wet seasons, planting, and harvesting, but more concerned with working, buying cars and/or condos, and the ever-present and -developing social media.

    I'm not convinced increased prosperity necessarily translates directly into increased happiness, but in terms of finance and future prospects, I would say that these young people are certainly doing better than their parents.

    I'd be interested in other's comments about young Thais and the changes in Thai society.

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    Quote Originally Posted by bobforest
    Their futures are no longer dominated by the coming wet seasons, planting, and harvesting, but more concerned with working, buying cars and/or condos, and the ever-present and -developing social media.

    and bankruptcy,
    Thais are and will be the same, stupid,
    if they win 100 they spend 110, most of them, there are some decent fellas like Taksin and such
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    Amazing change indeed. From walking in the mud of the farms to Skytrains, Iphones, international communication and computers.

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    Skytrains, Iphones, international communication and computers.
    superficial dressing, nothing more, all it does is develop ones acquisitiveness, sense of entitlement and greed.

    without decency, respect, honesty and morality, it means nothing, and sadly too many thais seem to be lacking in those departments.

    they may have more money, but in most other respects they are regressing rapidly.
    same goes for many other societies too.

    we are all slowly returning to the fetid jungles from where we originated.

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    Yes, some are doing better - those few who graduated uni and actually found a decent paying job.

    I know two of those fancy types. They bought into the new car scheme, the new house scheme, the smartphone fad, and have so much debt they can barely manage to eat. But they strut around like most Westerners, showing off their homes, cars and toys.

    The Westernization of Thailand. Up to your ears in debt but looking prosperous on the outside.

    Oh, I forgot to mention their credit cards which they have no clue how to handle.

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    Thank you for this. I also see that many Thai people of the current generation are doing better than their parents. This is the ambition of all parents and I've seen much the same in the west over the past half century. The resentment towards Thais bettering themselves, the bigotry and vicious sense of self-regard and entitlement displayed by some on this forum is disgraceful and shaming to all of us who believe that there is something worthwhile in Western values, an ugly reminder of a past that I had hoped was dead. No doubt, like those who espouse those ugly values, it soon will be. I would hope that every generation, no matter where they are from or who they are, manages to improve on the lot of the previous generation.
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    I can't see how going to BKK and having a cell phone makes them any better off. Even if they attend university .. what are the costs vs. the short or medium-term benefits; a teaching gig for 6-9K a month for 20 years?

    And here's the big one: They're hicks. We're not mainstream Bangkokers but anyone who is - once the kids open their mouths to speak - will subconsciously discriminate them in the blink of an eye. Isaan folks et. al. don't arrive to BKK and bring the house down, unless they're a rock or fashion star.

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