This young Aussie lad walks into Harrods in London and asks the manager for a job. The sales manager enquired if he had any experience, to which the young lad not a lot but I worked in a small store to get through my schooling.
The manger took a liking to the lads attitude and gave him a start.
At end of the day lock up the manager asked how many customers he had successfully sold to. ' One' said the the lad, horrified, the manager said that most sales staff manage 20-30 sales on average every day. 'How much was this sale ? ' the manager asked. 126,789.00 said the Aussie lad
What !! exclaimed the manager , what did you sell him ? A small fish hook , the lad replied, then a bigger one , then a fishing rod. The chap then said he would need a boat as he lived in a marina, so I sold him that twin engined Cat. The chap then said his Honda Civic would never pull that so I sold him a trailer and a 4x4. Total sale 126,789.00

THe astounded manager said' Let me get this straight, a customer came in here for a small fishing hook and you sold him 126,789.00 worth of goods ????

OH no said the lad, he came in for a pack of tampons for his new girlfriend, I said your weekends fucked anyway, why don't you go fishing??? ��