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    Family caught stealing items from Bali hotel

    I've met some really nice Indians over the years, but there's not much worse than a self entitled Indian.

    An Indian family has been caught stealing accessories and other items from their Bali hotel, and a video of the incident has gone viral.

    The video posted by Twitter user Hemanth last Saturday (July 27) has been viewed more than 317,000 times, with several netizens lamenting that the family's actions could cast a negative light on other Indian tourists travelling to Bali.

    In the video, members of an Indian family were seen shouting at two men, believed to be staff from their hotel in Bali.

    One of the men is seen rummaging through baggage and recovering several items, including a bottle of liquid soap, towels, a mirror and a hairdryer.

    "I will pay," one of the family members says, but a man from the hotel refuses to take money.

    "I know you have a lot of money but this is no respect," he replies.

    The Sukawati police confirmed the incident in a Facebook post on Saturday, clarifying that the incident had taken place at The Royal Purnama hotel located on Jalan Purnama Beach in Sukawati, Bali, Indonesia.
    According to the post, written in Bahasa Indonesia, a housekeeping manager saw the guests throwing items over the villa wall, and this prompted the staff to check their luggage.

    The Facebook post added that a supervisor at the hotel recorded the video.

    “After the items were found in their bags, the guests acknowledged their mistake and apologised.

    “They returned the items taken and paid compensation for items that were not found,” the police said in the post.

    In his post on Twitter, Mr Hemanth said: "Having lived in Indonesia and visited Bali, I can personally vouch for Indonesians being the gentlest, most respectful people I have met.

    "They hold India and Indians in very high esteem and it's gut-wrenching to see us in such a compromised position."

    He added that, as Indians were now travelling extensively, a booklet on appropriate behaviour during international travel was necessary.

    Many netizens criticised the family while others pointed out that their actions were not representative of all Indian tourists.

    Television host Mini Mathur tweeted: "The worst example of entitled Indian travellers who are a disgrace to the image of our country."

    Video can be seen here:

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    In Thailand, I've seen a few hotels with price lists for everything in the room, including the bed, sheets, fridge, and TV, etc, in case the guest decides to take something.

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    It's a generalisation, but just like the Chinese and the Arabs, they have a bad rep for a reason. I've seen this on facebook and their behaviour can only be described as disgraceful. The Balinese are generally ok, but you really don't want to fuck with the Hindus here in Bali. They are probably best described as a mild mannered mafia. Just don't go upsetting the fookers. It's their country not ours.

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