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    Mobility Accessories

    My Partner is currently working with the Elderly, the Mature folk in our Society.

    In home Aged Care in a general term.

    Often this means taking her clients shopping, to the Park to exercise and just get outside.

    Her youngest client is 82 (and has had a stroke), her eldest is Mel 92 yo.

    All have difficulty egressing the car.

    She mention this special hook/grip which attaches to the car ... just bought one today to help her help her clients.

    A Car Cane Handle Handybar which is a ...
    • Portable Standing Elderly Aid
    • LED Flashlight
    • Hammer

    Heaps of on-line sellers.

    Mine cost (equivalent) BHT 390

    Just a Heads Up
    “Someone is sitting in the shade today because someone planted a tree a long time ago”

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    So they have found a new use for this tool which in the past was known as an accident help tool.
    The cutter for cutting a stuck seat belt, the hammer for crushing a window.
    I've always had one in the car.

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