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    Health insurance

    Hi, I'm new. I'm a U.S. expat living in Thailand for 10 years.

    Can anyone recommend the least expensive, local (Thailand only) health insurance plans that allow MONTHLY PREMIUM PAYMENTS, instead of "pay 100% immediately"? Is there any such thing?

    I do not care about what the government requires for a long-stay visa, because that does NOT apply to me.

    I am NOT interested in ultra-expensive global insurance companies.

    I'm not even interested in outpatient care.

    Basically, I want to know if there's something that offers the lowest cost in-patient care (say, for emergencies - getting smashed on a motorcycle or squished by a baht bus) and possibly evacuation coverage to a U.S. territory (say, Guam) where I am 100% covered by both Medicare and various supplemental insurance plans.

    I'm guessing there is no such thing, but I thought I'd ask.


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    This got recommended on another channel.

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