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    Hi Dave. I'm still exercising and still doing squats and sit-ups but not hundreds or a thousand in a day. For a while after I achieved the 1,000, I'd do 40, 50 or 60 squats in a set from time to time but mostly I've been doing sets of 15 to 20 but holding weights (usually dumbells but occassionally a barbell over my shoulders). I've gradually increased the weights I hold but I'm still in "moderate" territory with them but, as before, I'll keep increasing the weight bit by bit (probably until the end of the year) so that I feel I'll have achieved some decent improvement. As for sit-ups, I can easily pop off a set of 100 if I feel like it but I usually restrict myself to a maximum of 50 in a set but do 4 or 5 sets.
    Thanks for the interest.
    Nev has style

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    Well my thighs are well and truly jiggerred with rigamortis.

    layed 200 floor tiles, that's as near as I've come to the challenge without realising it.
    I've got new muscles where I didn't realise they could be.

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    ^ I've just been mixing cement, laying foundations, digging up tree roots and laying bricks and yes, it does hurt in the morning but getting better each day.

    My biggest problem is working outdoors in the heat.

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