Grandma cried and begged "Don't touch politics" and He Long burst into tears on the s

  1. qiutiantaiwang1
    阿嬤哭求「別碰政治」 賀瓏淚灑《夜夜秀》現場

    He Long said that she was very happy to invite her grandma to the scene in the first episode of this season, but her grandma hoped that he would not get involved in politics. At that time, He Long also told her grandma that "politics is fun." Later, after Wang Zhian's controversial content broke out, her grandma She was so worried that she couldn't sleep every day, and she would hold him and cry. He Long said, "My grandma would get up from her room, then hold me and cry, talk to me, and tell me to stop doing it."
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