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    ME Kitchen and Bar, Kanchanaburi (Again)

    A temple post I just made reminded me of this place, again visited November 2022, the second successive year. As in 2021, I was in Kanchanaburi for 4 days/nights, and in both years, I visited ME 4 times, this year 3 dinners and 1 lunch.

    Anyway, good to see the place is doing well, the food quality is still excellent, and I think every night between 6 and 8 p.m. there's live music in the form of a duo (really good). The food itself is a kind of Thai/Western fusion I guess, though you won't find a grain of rice on the menu. Of particular note are the salad garnishes, not normally particularly memorable, but in the case unusual and with very good dressings.

    For its combination of food quality, location and ambience, it's one of my favourite restaurants anywhere, not only in Thailand. Certainly off the beaten track, and you're not going to stumble across it, so here's a link to the location: Google Maps

    Some photos of this trip. Lot of different meals as there were friends with me.

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    Very nice!!!!!!!!

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