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    Quote Originally Posted by beachbound View Post
    that’s one way to put it.
    That would be to see the home of Motown, Hitsville.

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    Stopped in Las Vegas on our 2015 'desert' trip (up and over Yosemite, down the Owens Valley to Mazananar internment camp, across Death Valley). Got to LV and found ourselves upgraded to a really impressive suite with jacuzzi tub overlooking the pool, a living room with a bar and other things I can barely remember. Did one seafood Sunday brunch buffet which my wife enjoyed (never met a crustacean she didn't like). Went down to Boulder City and Hoover Dam to see the bathtub ring, and then on to the desert National Parks (Zion, Grand Canyon, Bryce, Capitol Reef and other canyons and roads).
    Up and over JUN'''15 - Southwest Tour Up, over, and down | Flickr
    Full trip and back: Collection: Southwest Sojourn

    This was my first visit to Las Vegas since 1969 when we stopped at my traveling companion's aunt house out at the (then) edge of town while driving back from Venice Beach to attend Woodstock.
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