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    Quote Originally Posted by Looper View Post
    Bloke's Tip:- A piece of remnant lasagne that is too small to be a meal can be augmented by the addition of a pair of chicken schitzels.

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    Sprinkle on some grated cheese and into the oven for 20 minutes.

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    Nice models, food doesn't look too bad but I would reserve final judgement upon tasting.

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    ^Remnant lasagne with extra grated cheese is the dog's Christmas baubles Bonesy

    During the 3 hour power outage tonight I dug out my gas camping stove to heat my back-to-basics blokes camping chilli beans for cheesy bean dip in the dark

    But then just as I finished my candle-lit bubbly the Lord said unto the meek Let there be Light and lo the Shepherds were blessed so I ended up having an oven cooked pizza instead

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    Praise be to Allah

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