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    Unhappy Dave's desperate dinners

    With wife sunning herself on daughter's Pacific tour needs mustMy Flemish mate Danny is always full of ideas.

    What's the recipe today Snake and Kidney Pie

    Danny and Johnny's Snake and Kidney Pie Gourmet's gutliner

    In Thailand be sure your snakemeat is hygenic non venoumous and fresh, road kill of puntys old sausage not.. Fresh Ox or pig's kidney , Beef or lambs if you can find not chicken.For those who eschew kidney, mushroom onion/shallot or even kidney bean can enrich the recipe.Snake and Onion is possible

    Clean and dice meat,200-400 grams serve 2-4, wash veg thoroughly for pesticides, oil the chef

    Make Marinade leave in Fridge 3-4 hrs best overnight

    The Marinade
    A small 50cl glasss Red Wine,I use a glass of leftover Beaujolais , a bit thin, Merlot better IMHO. more does not improve, if unavailable Stout Porter or Sweet Sherry.If too much wine drink.

    Dave's desperate dinners-ingredients-jpg

    Zest and juice of one small Thai lime or 1/2 a lemon and splash of Balsamic/Apple vinegar, malt vinegar is too strong.
    Others I use as substitute, miso paste, kikaboo juice or pineapple all grow here.Spirits are for the cook not the marinade.Add crushed fresh pepper seasalt to taste.

    I have a jerk rub I made myself from Albert Hein's 5 star own plus a touch of garam masala, fenugreek and extra coriandar as I love it.I also add to a teaspoon a drop of oil from a Pataks plus strength brinjal pickle.

    Optional Squeeze tomato/garlic puree, Oil of Brinjal paste for zing 2 drops, Rose water

    Plus,your choice of salty sauce my choice is a dash of readily available Lea and Perrins a teaspoon of dilued hot Marmite (Promite/Vegemite/Vecon equally good.
    Optional Small Teaspoon of mustard continentals prefer German style but I go for A L'Ancienne grain style, this may be omitted or with the gravy for those who prefer a plainer flavour.Use you taste buds.Test before adding to the contents.If it taste wrong it won't improve!

    Dave's desperate dinners-filling-jpgDave's desperate dinners-filling-jpg

    Herbs garden mint, small nip Rosemary, Dreid Oregano to taste, such a savoury sauce can beneft from floral sweetness, wife adds brown sugar ugghh..

    Dave's desperate dinners-todays-marinade-jpg

    Prep pastry from your usual recipe lay in fridge/wrap in cling film oiled /greased may help, Roll out once thawed and trim to your dish.I prefer butter but margarine /lard etc works for shortcrust.I add a teaspoon of rolled oats for texture if no wholemeal flour.I use a soft brush and add milk/egg glaze for color.My pastry brush in lovely bamboo is sold in paint shops 5baht
    Dave's desperate dinners-mr-pastry-jpg

    Cooking the Filling
    Spray olive oil in Wok or skillet
    Sweat off 1 medium Onion/nub of garlic add kidneys dusted in flour , brown 1-2m
    Add marinaded Snakemeat or other roadkill.and 1/2 cup of water.1/2 cup of stock until cover the meat
    Cook on low heat 20-30 until liquid reduced, set aside.

    Pre heat Oven to 180 , Fill greased Pie dish , add Pastry Lid, with chimney steam funnel, if you lack the trad magpie/penguin, can use foil or forcing caps.(the one's I bought here for icing cakes 20 baht ok)

    Score the surface with a few forks to allow steam and reduce stress, You are allowed to make lady patterns, when she's ready pop her in the oven, have a slurp and over to the veg.
    Cook at 160 low heat on a medium shelf to allow circulation until Golden in my decade old Catalan electric oven c 35m , a fan oven will be faster 25-30m or a Pizza type professional brick oven even faster.You may wish to brush lid with milk/butter to help, I have a widow oven so easy to gauge once golden.

    While it's cooking you may do the veg for me v trad Chips or Irish Spuds and carrots,of course local veg, Broccoli,Cabbage etc lao te khvn.

    Sprig of greens I like Thai spring onions, or a leek at the rear.

    Wine pairing , as the marinade is red I'd use the rest of same bottle, If not Stout, Sri racha for addicts only.The rich sauce should require no gravy.Altho offer Horseradish/wasabi for smokers and the tasteless.

    Protein and iron good for those with anaemia gout.
    Serves: 4 persons Prep time: 30 mins Cooking time sauce 20m plus in oven c20-35 pie 15 veg

    100g per person of meat snake, diced, do top and tail
    25g per person of rinsed , floured kidney, diced
    200ml of stock cube or DIY
    100ml ( glass) of red wine
    4 small White potatoes per person
    One Onion
    1 onion, chopped, I clove garlic smashed
    150g of flour
    2 bay leaves (in Makro)
    rosemary and mint
    Seasalt and cracked green or black pepper
    One egg and Packet of butter for the lid

    3 tbs Olive Oli or 75 g of salted butter. I use the Bertolli Olive Oil Spray lean clean and easy to line tin and marinade dish
    1 onion, chopped, I clove garlic smashed
    6oz/150g of flour
    2 bay leaves (in Makro)
    rosemary and mint
    Seasalt and cracked green or black pepper

    2 large carrots 100grams Mangetout chaep here or Broccoli?
    Easy pastry recipe with or without mixer

    Sorry about rotated pix, I edited twice but always come out wrong, have another glass and bend over the POTUS said to Stormy.

    I'll try and get a snap of the finished item tomorrow as rains imminent so cycling orf.I am opening a Merlot should I let it breath for 20 seconds? Bumma Pet't
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    I used to have a job at a calendar factory.
    I got the sack because
    I took a couple of days off.

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    It does seem like you have tried more than usual to write coherent sentences but it's pretty much still unreadable.

    So for that reason, I am out

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    and inedible but my guests finished it off.....
    My spuds wine and pastry delicious

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