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    @topper - these are fruits from my mom's lime trees. I don't know where she got the original stock from but she has propagated them several times now (by marcotting).

    I put my watch there for scale. The diameter of my watch (inside face) is ~1 inch. The biggest lime fruit that I've seen my mom produce was ~2 inches in diameter. That was a rare one. Usually the fruits are 1.5 inches in diameter when mature.

    Help with my lemon Tree.-img_20220304_073111-jpg

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    What are those small orange like fruits that grow here. I think they are inedible

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    Quote Originally Posted by Little Chuchok View Post
    Potash and Epsom salts is what my old man used to feed his lemon trees. Magnesium and nitrogen.
    lemon trees love Epsom salts

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    I had forgotten about this thread.
    Since this thread has resurfaced, I think an update is in order.
    We have spend two months away this spring then back for a couple of months and then a month away again, all together five months that I did nothing to the lemon tree ,
    It seems , that I was killing this tree with love. LOL
    I left it along for five months and when I came back it was much taller with plenty of new growth and healthy leaves.

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    My brothers and I were always encouraged to piss on our lemon trees when we were growing up

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