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    mobile wood fired pizza trailer

    I have a customer that wants to import a wood fired pizza trailer from the usa, i am the manufacture , can comply with all the regs., any input wood be greatly appreciated

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    I wood suggest making one here instead of import.

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    I concur with Dr Willy Pizzaman. I'd suggest seeing if you can source all the components here and have it made.

    As a side note, personal vehicle trailers towed behind vehicles is not very common like we see regularly in the U.S. with mobile BBQs and Smokers. They do exist but do raise issues occasionally at the numerous road side check points. Not sure how far your client plans on pulling the trailer around.

    Good Luck and Welcome to TD.

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    Welcome to TD

    I am unable to answer but agree with DIY here, Import duty may be a factor

    If you flaunt your discretionary spending in LOS you may be paying for lunch for the cops at the frequent non randon road stops !
    They are often at intersections or provincial borders/County lines here.

    There are permanent road checks all around the Golden Triangle and most of the main highways, though they seldom leave their aircon lair during the hot after lunch siesta in these parts.
    “What contemptible scoundrel stole the cork from my lunch?”

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    I imported a trailer from the US about 15 years ago. The trailer was built with a specialized vacuum system for the work that I was at the time. I eventually got it registered and, on the road, but I would not recommend anyone to try to do it as we were tied up in typical Thai bureaucratic red tape for well over a year.

    Our first issue was that we imported it as construction equipment, but as it was to be road registered, we had paid the wrong tax, and had to go back to the tax department and pay the correct, and of course significantly higher tax rate. Next, as the trailer was built to US specs we had to modify it to meet Thai DLT regulations. For example, the overall width was too wide by about 50 mm (2 inches). The DLT wanted to see the engineering behind the design, and as one would expect, the manufacture wasn’t going to give us any engineering. In the end we hired a broker who managed to “do” the engineering, and all meet all the other needed requirements.

    If I was to do that again, I would buy the vacuum system on a skid, import it, and mount it directly onto a suitable 6 or 10 wheeled truck. Thereby bypassing all the trailer registration requirements. And that is what I recommend to you, fabricate it in the States on a skid, import it into Thailand, and then mount it on to a local manufactured and registered trailer.

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