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    Someone mentioned that family courts give priority to what is best for the child/ren. If this is the case, rather than how the rest of this blessed country works, it makes sense for farangs to transfer the mother load to their kids, even if they do implicitly trust the wife, because family and social pressures can make them act against their own best interests.

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    Quote Originally Posted by OhOh View Post
    Do you have stay duration limits or plenty of space for extra beds? Do any others here have similar, "home stay" offers or possible "conditions" on who are eligible?

    Asking for a friend. One could manage a good holiday, away from the "rigours of life" and see Thailand in the raw.
    Anyone is welcome as long as they buy some beer, except god bothers and they don't buy beer anyways. Like my kids meeting English speakers, good for them, have a spare room, aircon, bed as hard as nails.

    Anyone is welcome, over the years only had one asshole turn up, everyone else where good people.

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