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    Phuket Two hawksbill turtles beached

    Phuket Two hawksbill turtles beached

    PHUKET: Two hawksbill sea turtles have been found stranded ashore, one at Surin Beach on Monday and another at Mai Khao on Friday.

    Karnjana Adulyanukosol, a biologist at the Phuket Marine Biological Center (PMBC), told the Gazette that both turtles – each about 30-centimeters long and about two years old – were snared in fishing nets.

    The turtle found at Mai Khao died from its injuries, but the other turtle is being treated at the PMBC.

    “The turtle we found at Surin Beach was wounded on one of its front flippers, but fortunately the muscle was not destroyed,” K. Karnjana said.

    “The turtle was also very tired from being trapped in the net and a lack of food. We are giving it antibiotics and we will try to feed it some liquid food as well,” she added.

    The turtles being beached follows a dead dolphin washing ashore at Kamala last Thursday and two dolphins being beached a week earlier: one at Karon Beach on July 1 and another Tai Muang in Phang Nga on July 2.

    Both dolphins were suffering from respiratory illness. The dolphin found at Tai Muang died the following day.

    K. Karnjana said that the dolphin found on Karon Beach is slowly recovering at the PMBC’s Marine Endangered Species Unit , and staff have even named it “Nong Red”.

    “Nong Red is beginning to eat on her own and we’re hoping for a full recovery,” K. Karnjana said.

    Phuket Gazette

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    Surprised they weren't eaten

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    Sea turtle is pretty good eating!

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