Bangsarae opens sea conservation center
Patcharapol Panrak
Mayor of Bangsarae Sub-district Municipality Pinsom Nimsuwan opened a Conservation and Restoration of Natural Sea Resources Center on May 13, a project intended to encourage the community to take part in conserving the ocean environment.
Deputy Mayor Sutad Tantisarapora said the center had received support from many organizations, including the Royal Thai Navy’s Department of Marine and Coastal Resources, the Sriracha Fisheries Resource Station of Thamasat University, the Generation 1/2007 group of volunteers for the Protection of Marine and Coastal Resources, and Underwater World in Pattaya.
Youngsters with an interest in the sea and marine life have been encouraged to participate, and interest has been generated throughout communities, fishery groups, and government and private organizations.
One focus of attention is on protecting endangered species such as dugongs and sea turtles, and there is a campaign against pollution of the sea.
Bangsarae Sub-district Municipality has a policy to develop environmental strategies at the grassroots level, and the center is designed as part of this. In this way, it is intended that conserving and natural sea resources will become a permanent and natural way of life in the Bangsarae area.
Pinsom said that conservation of local natural resources must begin by coaching youngsters, because they will grow up and use the knowledge they receive today and transfer it to the next generation.

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