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    Living Near A Chicken / Pig Farm -- Bad Smell/Noises?

    We're pondering buying some land, but there is an industrial sized chicken farm nearby (about 2-5 km). Another plot has an industrial sized pig farm (also, 2-5km away).

    Will the smell from these places be noticeable? Or the noises?

    (My GF says we will hear the pigs squealing whilst they get slaughtered and the smell of the chickens from the farm will be bad).

    Note, these aren't personal/private farms, but companies with those massive mega farms that look like they take up ~10 RAI (estimate from google maps view).

    Thank you.

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    Your Thai gf is advising you to NOT buy land...and you want confirmation from a bunch of farang strangers who have not visited the land nor been anywhere near it?

    Keep renting and be thankful you've got a good un.

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    Buddy, if a Thai says don't buy.

    Don't Buy

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    Quote Originally Posted by JayBird View Post
    Will the smell from these places be noticeable? Or the noises?


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    Re the noise and smell, a lot will depend on the wind direction.

    Central Thailand, in my humble experience* typically the wind direction is from the South, but in the Winter months swings round to come from the North.

    Not a hard and fast rule, but a generalisation.

    my humble experience* ... just observances of the direction the planes take-off and land as they usually take-off 'into the wind'.

    Plus the direction our wonderfull neighbours who make charcoal
    Someone is sitting in the shade today because someone planted a tree a long time ago ...

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