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    Architect recommendation for home build in Lampang


    I am trying to beat rainy season in 2020 and so i need to get my skates on and get into the formalities of building a house. I am seeking a recommendation for an architect and structural engineer to help me with the plans for my build. I have attached our initial plans below and Im hoping someone here has had a good experience for a good price and can recommend someone to help.

    Thank you in advance

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    Why black font on dark blue ? Sorry but my old eyes cannot read your post so cannot help you.

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    Yeah..i struggled with it to. Sorry but cant give him any advice except to take his time dont rush it. Do it once and do it right

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    Morning, nA1300 - consider the use of the Engineer's office at your local OrBorTor. They can be useful, they are usually cheaper and it is good to get them 'on side' early in the development

    Where are you looking to build?

    I see the plan but do you have your own ideas for finishing or are you handing everything over to someone else to 'produce ' a house for you to approve?

    I like the ratio of 'maids' to bedrooms - one each! Could be some interesting parties over at 'chez Trent' in the future with that level of service!

    As usual, keep us all posted with build updates once you get going.

    Good luck with it!

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