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    Sydney / Buriram
    I know what you mean with the errands - family seem to save up time consuming BS for when we visit. My wife is the eldest and the father has now passed away, so she is 'head of the family'.

    Don't know if was said up thread, but for me a nice outdoor space is more important than the inside of the house. Especially in the evenings. Inside is more a place to sleep, and take refuge from the hottest part of the day.

    But anyway that's me - look forward to seeing your next design.

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    Quote Originally Posted by bindog
    Don't know if was said up thread, but for me a nice outdoor space is more important than the inside of the house. Especially in the evenings. Inside is more a place to sleep, and take refuge from the hottest part of the day.
    I absolutely concur Bindog. I spend little time in the actual house except to watch some sports or go to bed. I would say that nearly 80% of our time is outside underneath the house where we have a nice breeze. IMHO unless required due to physical limitations (i.e can't go up and down stairs etc etc) I wouldn't build a house on a slab. The OP may find with that design he will spend virtually all his time in the house and likely with the AC running driving up electricity costs significantly. This could also be problematic if the power goes out frequently as the OP stated. In house no power, no air flow, big issue.

    Just a couple more thoughts for the OP

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    +1 for outside area.. I see many house builders companies ( PD Homes, JP etc) sell homes almost without outside space, who look designed for small city lots and with a 2-3m2 balcony.


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    As more information becomes available I will update you all .
    Best Regards Mike /Ling noi
    Oh by the way village water has died three times in one week and the electric supply twice so the advice on TK becomes more and more valuable, so thank you all.

    In my opinion all you need to maintain water for showering is an outside tank with pum contacted to your house water lines.
    The tank can be filled from a bore/well or the town supply.
    If the power failing regularly is an issue buy a small generator that you can run and plug your pressure pump into. The generator can also supply power for your bore pump to fill the tank.

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    Hello everyone .
    Sorry for the delay in posting - I am struggling to get sense out of everything here. Apparently the local authority has been instructed from above to raise the level of the access road to the family property and to the neighbours and to the adjacent school rear gates as it floods during heavy rain. This means thet the students wade through the water to get home. Unfortunately raising the road means that the water has to go somewhere else and will then flood all the houses on the street. I am building anything until I know exactly what the knock on effects of this crazy enterprise have on the locality. So far , my guess is that four houses at least will be flooded as well as the school playing field/ driveway , so the students will still be paddling on their way to the nice new causeway. Thai logic huh ? Beyond belief.
    Bye for now .

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    Quote Originally Posted by ling noi View Post
    Oooer ! opened up a can of worms here didn't I?
    Maybe it's best to have the tank underground and have a better pump on standby in case the town water fails.
    You guys are so helpful with your ideas/experiences. Wonderful to read. Saves an awful lot of going down blind alleys. Thank you all so much.
    Best regards Mike
    Yes. This is what I have. Main to filter, to tank, pumped into house. Main pressure is weak so have valve to back flush from tank with pump power.

    Lot's of good suggestions here.

    Quote Originally Posted by JPPR2 View Post
    In the end your house is your house. Build it for you, not others but take some of these inputs as a way to step back and really think it through.
    Bottom line innit.

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