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    Quote Originally Posted by Bettyboo View Post
    ^ you'll be alright, looks harmless to me!

    Bloody bleeding Nora !!!!

    I'd never seen one .


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    Quote Originally Posted by thaimeme View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by piwanoi View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by Pragmatic View Post
    Just let it be known, in the area where you wish to settle, that a farang wishes to purchase some land and stand back. Always someone selling land and always a local agent looking for buyers.
    Do you mean stand back and be asked double the price what a Thai is expected to pay ? dunno maybe its just the simple fact I have been living here for too long who knows
    Sure. Expected.

    Whatever the market will bear.
    Just the way it is.

    In the main that is the way it is here
    Just a Member number

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    More than one on this topic. Check the Loas section, then to Laos Questions, Then The cost of farmland by the Mekong. Sorry no quick link. Lots of info about costs just a little bit dated.

    Nice place to visit. I'll admit I don't know the laws there. But hell I'm used to that. I don't know the laws here. Lots of books on that though. My lier has a wall full.

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