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    Government gets tough on cyber crimes

    Tough measures to suppress and prevent cyber crimes, including swift action against proxy accounts transferring fraud money, will soon be submitted for cabinet approval, according to the Digital Economy Society (DES) Ministry.

    Government gets tough on cyber crimes

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    The Bank of Thailand (BoT) is being recruited to help draft regulations against cyber crime, he said. The ministry has proposed that any overseas financial transaction with an unusually large amount be put on hold for checks, a plan that could disrupt the movement of fraud money, he said.

    That's going to throw a spanner in a few expat works.

    Banks should come up with safeguards against the hacking and remote manipulation of customer bank accounts, Mr Chaiwut said.

    I once had a three hour meeting on security where two hours and 55 minutes of it were executives trying to convince me that I could say "should" or "shall", but I couldn't use "must" because that was "too strong".

    As in "You must use a long and complex password, etc.".

    Grow some balls FFS.

    Warning: Be cautious if you are a fragile pink

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