for sale:

I have the Moonse 7002 which I have used for several months. A great tablet that was one of the chosen best 2.1 android out of China. It is a great movie watcher, book reader and can do about all. Connects to internet almost immediately if you have a good wifi source connection. I want 6,000 baht. See it on youtube, just type in Moonse 7002. This tablet is a winner.

Finally I have a new 7 Inch Google Android Tablet PC with 3G, WIFI,

1.1GHz CPU, G-Sensor, Camera.

2 * Mini USB

Supports External 3G Network

Built-in WIFI

Gravity Sensor


Support 720P HD Video

Built-in Official Android Market (this is the only model which has official Android Market)

Support Multi Task

Fast tablet, good internet connector. Also can plug in Ethernet and it runs like a bullet. Great for the coffee shops or to take with you to connect for email etc. Nothing here not to like. I want 4,500bht

I have a 16 gig SD micro card preloaded with games and other applications if interested.

I have boxes and am ready to deliver to you if you are truly interested? Tablets are a rage in the US and now in Asia. I see no point in spending 23,000+ bht for something maybe a bit prettier. I get compliments all the time on my tablets.

Leave a message and I will give you my phone number please and thanks.

I am about to order some more tablets for trail as I intend on finding partners to sell them in Thailand. They are great and as good as Ipads if you ask me.