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    Seeking expats/locals for interview on Chinese tourism in Chiang Mai

    I'm Nithin, a freelance journalist working on a book about how tourism in SE Asia has been impacted by the Chinaís economic growth, and the rapid increase in Chinese tourists visiting the region, and especially places like Chiang Mai. I myself have spend several years in the region, and have been to Thailand more times than I can count, but am now based in Japan, and itís always so noticeable how much tourism has changes since the early 2000s.

    It's not meant to be overly critical but really explore the changes that have taken place in places like Chiang Mai over time from a local perspective, both positive and negative. Iíve spoken to plenty of academics/business experts, and want to get more perspectives from travelers, locals and expats who've lived in popular destinations, to talk about how they've noticed or experienced the wave of Chinese inbound tourism (prior to the pandemic).

    DM me or email me:

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    Quote Originally Posted by excinit View Post
    expats who've lived in popular destinations
    Well that sure disqualifies me.

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