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    Home in country side

    Hello all,
    We are a retiree couple from Canada. Currently my wife and I are living in Chiang Mai for almost one year, and we came to recognize that city is not the best option for us. We love nature, slow pace of life and want to get out from city to the countryside of northern/north-east Thailand. Our needs are few as we are not city people and not concerned about shopping malls and bars. Online search and real-estate folks are of no much help in this case. So we are asking our fellow expats seniors who are living in rural areas to share your experience and advices to find a long term home in a country-side. Highly appreciate your suggestions and help in this regard.

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    Once you decided where you want to live, drive there and speak with the head village (poo yai baan) (por luang in the north). They usually knows everybody in the village and can recommend properties. Expect to pay more than thais just because you are both western and elderly. Internet property search site populars with thai are and
    Good luck

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    Date 00:19 3-Dec-2013
    By Jup
    City / Location Doi Saket
    Phone 081 5300388
    Description This brand new house is located in a Mooban in Doi Saket. 15-20 mins to the city.

    It has 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, a kitchen, living room and garden. Land size is 200 sq.w. (800 sq.m.) Living space is 130 sq.m.

    The rent is 18,000 Baht/month.

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