Namtok Than Thip Forest Park

Phetchabun Province

It is a source of tributaries flowing into the Pa Sak River. It is a high mountain range with abundant plants. Fauna that can be seen include jungle fowls, bamboo rats, jungle cats, and butterflies. The overall area of the park is approximately 8,750 rai.

Interesting attractions within the forest park are as follows:
Exhibition Centre is a venue providing basic information and knowledge, located at the Office of Namtok Than Thip Forest Park.

Kaeng Nam Wing is the first spot that tourists can experience the beauty of the forest. At this rapids, water will flow against and erode the rocks, while visitors can swim.

Kaeng Maduea stands a large number of Maduea or fig trees, with rocks rising up in the middle of the vigorous stream.

Tat Chomphu is a venue for relaxation with a large stone terrace and a big basin, appropriate for swimming.

Kaeng Pha Iang is similar to a cliff bending backward with a large terrace. It can be swum in the current flowing against the rocks.

Namtok Than Thip is 1,400 metres from the Office of the Park. It is a beautiful and large 1-tier waterfall with a height of 26 metres, a width of 30 metres and water running throughout the year, suitable for relaxation.

Wang Nam Rin ’s shape is similar to the head of an elephant. It is the source of various kinds of ferns such as Bird’s Nest ferns and Adiantum or Maiden hair ferns. It is located near the viewpoint spot where the scenery of the upper part of Namtok Than Thip can be seen clearly.

The park has organised interesting activities for tourists such as the Nature Study Route. Many kinds of birds and butterflies can be seen along the route of 3 kilometres. It takes approximately 3 hours to walk the route.

Accommodation The park does not provide any accommodation, but a camping site and tents for tourists. A tent can serve 2 persons. Otherwise, visitors can bring their own tents. Contact for further information on how to get there and accommodation at Tel. 0 5671 8705, 08 9080 0111.

To Get There From Mueang Phetchabun, take Highway No. 21, Phetchabun – Lom Sak Route for approximately 28 kilometres. At Km. 250 turn to the Ban Bung Namtao Intersection, turn left along the Ban Bung Namtao – Thung Samo Route, Khao Kho District, for 4 kilometres until reaching Mo Phan 28 T-junction. Turn left for 25 metres into Highway No. 2302, Ban Bung Namtao – Thung Samo Route. Then, turn left again for around 1 kilometre and turn to the Office of Namtok Than Thip Forest Park for 1.5 kilometres to the waterfall.