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    Deutsche Bank warns of global "time bomb" coming due to rising inflation

    Key Points

    • In an out-of-consensus forecast, Deutsche Bank is warning of a potential crisis coming from inflation.
    • “The effects could be devastating, particularly for the most vulnerable in society,” the firm’s economists said.
    • Most on Wall Street and at the Fed see inflation is a temporary problem that will ebb as special factors fade away.

    The analysis especially points the finger at the Federal Reserve and its new framework in which it will tolerate higher inflation for the sake of a full and inclusive recovery.
    The firm contends that the Fed’s intention not to tighten policy until inflation shows a sustained rise will have dire impacts.

    Deutsche Bank warns of global '''time bomb''' coming due to rising inflation
    Someone is sitting in the shade today because someone planted a tree a long time ago ...

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    buy goldo ?

    or crypto ?

    or pesto ?

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    well gold is safe, but heavy to transport. crypto is unhackable and you can transport (in form of a password) unlimited amounts without detection. Think about the possiblities, like storing a big part of your wealth in crypto, hand over the passw to your kids... wonder how they going to raise a inheretance tax on something they don't know exists (using privacy wallets).

    As soon as people realizing what crypto can do for them, there won't be any central bank left. Unfortunately, if people are slow to adopt, the governments AND central banks get ahead and regulate the shit out of it. luckily, governments and banks are slow in adopting new stuff...

    pesto is definitely on my list!

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    You see, backspit was right all along!!!

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