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    SET sinks further as other Asian stocks rise

    The Stock Exchange of Thailand (SET) Index closed at 1,272.34 on Monday, down 7.62 points or 0.60 per cent. Total transactions amounted to Bt40.463 billion with an index high of 1,287.35 and a low of 1,270.59.

    In the morning session, an analyst at Krungsri Securities expected the index to fluctuate between 1,275 and 1,290.
    "Although the index gained positive sentiment from the recovery of foreign indices, uncertainty over the domestic politics, especially with student protesters planning a political rally on September 19, will cause market volatility," the analyst said.
    "Also, investors will delay trading until they hear the outcome of the US Federal Open Market Committee meeting on September 15-16."

    The 10 stocks with the highest trade value today were CBG, CPF, CPALL, MINT, PTT, AOT, STGT, KBANK, TVO and ASIAN.
    As of 4.30pm, the price of oil dropped by US$0.37 or 0.99 per cent to $36.96 per barrel, while gold rose by $5.60 or 0.29 per cent, to $1,953.50 per ounce.

    Other Asian indices were on the rise:

    Japan’s Nikkei Index closed at 23,559.30, up 152.81 points or 0.65 per cent.

    China’s Shang Hai SE Composite Index closed at 3,278.81, up 18.47 points or 0.57 per cent, while the Shenzhen SE

    Component Index closed at 13,021.99, up 79.04 points or 0.61 per cent.

    Hong Kong’s Hang Seng Index closed at 24,640.28, up 136.97 points or 0.56 per cent.

    South Korea’s KOSPI Index closed at 2,427.91, up 31.22 points or 1.30 per cent.

    Taiwan’s TAIEX Index closed at 12,787.82, up 111.87 points or 0.88 per cent.

    SET sinks further as other Asian stocks rise

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    ...I imagine the SET will be in the doldrums until planes start flying in the Chinese again, the Bank of Thailand weakens the baht to 33-34 to the USD to help exports and a reliable COVID-19 vaccine becomes available...without even mentioning political unrest...

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