BANGKOK (NNT) - After the Ministry of Commerce received cooperation from the business sector to help those affected by the viral disease COVID-19, by lowering product prices by as much as 68 percent on three occasions, the ministry will soon launch the fourth round of price reductions, which will take place at a district level.

In the fourth round, some 7,100 consumer goods have been added to the price reduction list. They will be sold at designated locations in 878 districts nationwide. People will be able to buy five kilograms of rice at a price of 95 baht, 10 chicken eggs for 20 baht, a bottle of cooking palm oil at 30 baht, canned fish at 10 baht and one kilogram of sugar for 20 baht.

This week, the Deputy Prime Minister and Commerce Minister, Jurin Laksanawisit, held a teleconference with provincial commerce officials via Zoom. They were directed to promote the price reduction project to the local people. The project will initially be launched in 45 districts on June 7th and all other districts by next month.

National News Bureau Of Thailand