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    i built my own shop house and my footings were 1 meter cube hole as concrete at time was only 14 pounds a cube i just filled them solid .wont sink in the very soft ground

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    It's very educational, but can I just say what a godawful prehistoric brain dead type of ultra-cheapo shophouse that is?

    This is what more decent shophouses look like. Hint: The side units need WINDOWS in the walls, or else it ends up like a coffin inside. Preferably not too many units attached to each other or for sure your neighbour will be some grimy machine shop with a paint-phobia and within a couple years it will look more delapidated than an Ayudthaya ruin.


    WINDOWS!! That last one pretty much morphed into a decent home/office.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dirtydog
    Final touch up of paint, nice stainless railing and nice tinted sliding aluminum windows.
    Very interesting and informative thread and very well documented. Thanks for showing and have a great day ....

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