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    Drastic reduced price, house for sale in green Bangkachao (Bangkok)

    Hello house buyer in Thailand!

    Due to relocation to Khao Yai we have put our contemporary styled house in “secret” green peninsula Bangkachao, only 30 min. to Silom/Sukhumvit up for sale. Flood free safe area. Build 2008, 192+72sqm house on 100twl land, 2 bedroom (expandable) 3 bathrooms.

    Here comes some VERY good news if your in the market for a new home: As we have already relocated to Khao Yai, we really like to sell now and have therefore reduced the price drastically from 9.4 to 6.99 mill THB. (yes, you read correctly!). This is a HUGE cut-off and is not a fake "before" price! It is for absolutely sure you can't find a house in this quality, design and location for a price like ours anywhere – simply not!! No worries – nothing wrong with the house or area, all is perfect, but we really like to start construction of our new house, also as we are now expecting a new baby-girl to be born in September.

    Hardwood floors, large rooms, solar heated hot water in all taps, double walls, dual flush toilets, 2 parking, garden. Many option to expand number of bedroom and extend house if additional space is needed now or later.

    As said now: only 6.99 mil.l THB (not for rent). This is a REAL bargin – truly it is!
    Please visit Green living in Bangkachao – house for sale [Bangkok] for details.

    Contact Supreeya 08 3859 3336 (Thai + English) or Claus 08 6988 0011 (Danish + English) or Serious inquires only, please.

    Green living in Bangkachao – house for sale [Bangkok]

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    Nice interesting website to sell your nice house. Best of luck with it

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