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What were you fishing for? We only used to catch Slimey Mackeral, for bait, really close to Tomaree. Did you used to post on another forum with a name that could cure ear infections or tonsillitis?
Funny you should mention the slimies. We were catching a heap for bait ourselves. as you know they are in huge numbers in the port at this time of the year. We had a dozen or so left over, about 8" long, so I took them home to experiment with as a beer snack.
First I filletted a couple, then I rolled a few out like you would with a Garfish and removed the backbone and I did the rest whole with head off. Half a dozen home grown chillies sweated off in a pan of Peanut oil, rolled the fish in flour and quickly fried them. They are the delish I might tell you. Instead of using the poor buggers for bait I will be targeting them as the main course in future.

Big strong northeasters this week and it made fishing outside very bumpy so we came in under Yaccaba away from the wind. Not much about except flounder and shovel nose sharks, but very pleasant out there. We had a shot down near Middle Island in the deep water there but the wind drove us home. You really have to get onto the water and look around to realise just how beautiful the joint is don't you?

Don't know anything about other forums. I only post here.