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    Quote Originally Posted by docmartin View Post
    Where and when did Chinese people explore or settle in Australia before 1606 / 1788 ?
    Apparently, and it's a memory, not a fact I can trace but, I read once that Chinese made up about 10% of Australasian population during the Great Gold Rush.

    Australian History-lon13_cel_0009-crop-jpg

    Chinese on the goldfields | Sydney Living Museums

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    Quote Originally Posted by Neverna View Post
    ^ Read a good book about Australian history rather than relying on threads on a shitfest and shitpost forum.

    That sounds far too logical.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Edmond View Post
    I've always found Australian history fascinating.
    Nicking the lead off peoples roofs isn't really admiring history mate.

    Did you unearth any artefacts whilst tarmaccing?

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