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    I thought Google was an American company?

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    Way, Way South of the border now - thank God!
    Quote Originally Posted by TheRealKW View Post
    Why would an American know that name? Rather lame and pathetic pathetic joke, in my opinion.
    Yea, a bit weak

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    Sydney coronavirus toilet paper stoush: mother and daughter found guilty

    Meriam Bebawy took the law into her own hands after another shopper grabbed a packet of toilet paper from her trolley at Woolworths, a magistrate has found.

    A Sydney magistrate has likened a coronavirus-fuelled stoush over toilet paper to a rugby league bust-up as he found a mother and daughter guilty of affray.

    Health worker Meriam Bebawy, 23, and her daycare operator mother, Treiza Bebawy, 61, have been sentenced over an altercation with another woman at a Woolworths store in Chullora on 7 March.

    Footage of the incident went viral on social media in March amid widespread panic buying of toilet paper.

    The video showed the Bebawys yelling and fighting with fellow shopper Tracey Hinckson who had grabbed one of eight 36-roll toilet paper packs from their trolley.

    “The first interaction between her [Hinckson] and Meriam occasioned Treiza to join the fray,” Bankstown magistrate Peter Bugden said on Monday.

    “All of the civilian witnesses and staff recalled screaming people. It’s a classic affray.”

    Recalling an incident involving former rugby league player turned super coach Jack Gibson, Bugden explained why Meriam bore ultimate responsibility for the altercation.

    “What Meriam Bebawy did was to take the law into her own hands,” the magistrate said.

    “I’m reminded of an analogy from rugby league ... these days, it’s the second man into the fight that gets the penalty for prolonging it.

    “Rugby league authorities have known that for some time.

    “Jack Gibson said he didn’t have time to have a management meeting out there. He took the action he did.”

    In her police interview, Meriam Bebawy suggested Woolworths staff “ganged up” on them and said they were “selfish”.

    The magistrate explained the toilet paper wasn’t the property of the Bebawys until they paid for it.

    While noting the “unpleasantness” of up to 40 shoppers bolting into the store in search of toilet paper, Bugden said Meriam’s “natural reaction” to rapidly chase after Hinckson led to the confrontation.

    “Meriam Bebawy and Treiza Bebawy acted in a way that caused the affray to take place,” he said.

    Neither was in court on Monday as each was placed on a one-year conditional release order – a type of good behaviour bond.

    Treiza Bebawy, who runs a local family daycare centre, was not convicted.

    Both women have lodged appeals which are expected to be heard on 14 August.

    Sydney coronavirus toilet paper stoush: mother and daughter found guilty | Sydney | The Guardian

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    in fairness if you look at the sizes of their arses, it was an essential purchase

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    Chinese students in Australia targeted in virtual kidnapping scam

    Chinese students in Sydney are being targeted in a kidnapping scam forcing them to pay massive ransoms to fraudsters, Australian police say.

    In many cases, blackmailed students were forced to stage their own kidnapping and send video proof to relatives in China to obtain funds.

    From the 'Only in Australia' File #001-_113658377_pic6-jpg

    Eight "virtual kidnappings" have been reported this year, including one where a A$2m (£1.1m;$1.43m) ransom was paid.

    Victims had believed they or their loved ones were in danger, police said.

    New South Wales (NSW) Police said the scheme had "really increased in frequency throughout 2020" and was operating on an "industrial scale".

    They have urged students to immediately report any threatening calls they receive.
    How does the scam work?

    Authorities said the "call centre-type" scam was being operated offshore, which made it difficult to track.

    It typically involves a fraudster pretending to be from the Chinese embassy or another authority, ringing victims and informing them that they have been implicated in a crime in China or are facing some other threat.

    China warns students about 'risks' in Australia
    Students 'staying put' during pandemic

    The scammers, who usually speak Mandarin, then demand the student pay ongoing fees in order to avoid arrest or deportation.

    In some cases, the students are also convinced to cease contact with their family and friends, rent a hotel room and fake a hostage situation to obtain funds from their relatives overseas.

    In one case, a father had already paid more than A$2m (£1.1m; $1.43m) in ransom payments, before receiving a video of his daughter gagged and bound in an unknown location.

    From the 'Only in Australia' File #001-_113658383_pic2-jpg

    Image copyright NSW POLICE
    Image caption Police in Sydney have received reports about eight such cases this year

    He then contacted police in Sydney who, after an hour's search, found the woman safe and well at a hotel room in the city.

    In other cases reported to police this year, payments ranged from A$20,000 to A$300,000.

    "On some occasions, [families] have basically paid every cent they've got," said Detective Chief Superintendent Darren Bennett.

    In many of the cases, when police were contacted they typically found the victim safe the next day. Often the victims felt too embarrassed or ashamed to report the crime.

    "The victims of virtual kidnappings we have engaged are traumatised by what has occurred, believing they have placed themselves, and their loved ones, in real danger," said NSW Police.
    Why are people falling for it?

    Police said the scam was operating on a mass scale, and appeared to involve a blitz of automated phone calls sent to anyone with a Chinese surname in the phone book.

    "They cast their net very widely and they're getting a few people who fall for it, which is very lucrative for them," said Mr Bennett.

    He noted that there had been a sharp increase in the past few months, where "pretty much every weekend we've had a victim fall for one of these scams."

    Advocates for international students in Australia say they have been more vulnerable amid the pandemic due to their reliance on casual work, and their exclusion from government welfare.

    Police said "cultural factors", as well as the isolation of some international students, made them a vulnerable target.

    Victims could then be manipulated into extremes such as faking a kidnap because they had fallen under the scammer's "psychological control", Mr Bennett said.

    "Students can do two important things to protect themselves against these types of crimes - firstly, be aware they exist and secondly, ask for help early if they think it might be happening to them or someone they know," said NSW Police.

    There have also been reports of such frauds occurring in New Zealand and the United States.

    Chinese students in Australia targeted in virtual kidnapping scam - BBC News

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    There's a whole thread about this already...

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    Quote Originally Posted by cyrille View Post
    Sydney coronavirus toilet paper stoush: mother and daughter found guilty...
    “I’m reminded of an analogy from rugby league ... these days, it’s the second man into the fight that gets the penalty for prolonging it.
    Reminds me of, "The fight started after he hit me back."

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    From the 'Only in Australia' File #001-nissan1-pngFrom the 'Only in Australia' File #001-nissan2-pngFrom the 'Only in Australia' File #001-nissan3-pngFrom the 'Only in Australia' File #001-nissan4-pngFrom the 'Only in Australia' File #001-nissan5-png

    no idea how to make these images large enough to read easily .....

    click on them and they get bigger
    then click 'next'

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