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Thread: Cooly Rocks On

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    Pics aren't showing, loops.

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    all showing here on chrome.

    Great shots

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    ^^There was some weird glitch where all the pics I posted yesty disappeared, but then they came back

    Some of the ones from yester-years seem to have gone down the TD gurgler too

    Pray for the Cooly thread...

    Pray for teh DOOR...

    Subcontinental Elvis was rocking the house

    Cooly Rocks On-p1010018-jpg

    Cooly Rocks On-p1010008-jpg

    But all good things must come to an end and so it was time to head home...

    Cooly Rocks On-p1010033-jpg

    Cooly Rocks On-p1010034-jpg

    Cooly Rocks On-p1010035-jpg

    Ned Kelly was on his way back to Wangaratta
    Cooly Rocks On-p1010040-jpg

    Cooly Rocks On-p1010044-jpg

    Cooly Rocks On-p1010047-jpg

    Until next year keep on Rockin

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