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    Pennsylvania man faked mom's obit to get bereavement time off

    They first believed he was bereaved, but mom wasn’t dead, as he had said
    Saturday, December 10 2011

    Pennsylvania man faked mom's obit to get bereavement time off

    Couldn’t he have just called in sick?

    A Pennsylvania man had a fake obituary of his very alive mother published — because he wanted to be paid for bereavement time off from work, authorities said.

    The memorial notice appeared in the Jeffersonian Democrat in Brookville, Pa. , which published it even though it couldn’t confirm the funeral arrangements.

    Relatives who saw it called the paper to report she was perfectly fine — and then the woman walked in herself.

    Newspaper editor Randy Bartley said she was very understanding.

    Police were less so. Her son, Scott Bennett, 45, was charged with disorderly conduct. It’s unknown what punishment he faces from his mother.

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    Hardly crime of the century though I think he can expect to get a whupin' and be sent to his room when he gets home.

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