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    Australia - Wife's AIDS lie 'doesn't violate marriage consent'

    A MAN whose bride did not tell him she had AIDS has lost a battle to have his marriage declared void.

    The court case is believed to be the first of its kind in Australia, the Herald Sun reported.

    A court heard that the wife, in her 30s, was diagnosed with AIDS in 2006.

    The husband, in his 50s, said that if he had known she had AIDS he never would have married her the following year.

    The wife filed for divorce last year but the husband asked the court to dismiss the application and grant a decree of nullity "on the ground of fraud".

    It was revealed he wanted a decree of nullity rather than having the marriage dissolved because he believed it would mean the wife would not be able to pursue him for a property settlement.

    The Full Court of the Family Court of Australia last week rejected the man's bid.

    It also said the husband was mistaken in his view there could be no property settlement if the marriage was found to be void.

    Wife's AIDS lie 'doesn't violate marriage consent' |

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    It would have been smarter to bring her to Thailand for a holiday and get rid of her while here: balcony jump, drowned in pool, hit by car, disappeared... the list is endless. No fuking property claim then and no fuking investigation by the police. In fact, might earn some from her travel and life assurance policies.

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    ^ Dont forget the air miles

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    Or taken her to China and sold her on then reported her missing a year later.

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    Sounds like he was married to her for a while in the knowledge that she was infected, so no wonder they rejected the application.

    I wonder what she gets for her trouble?

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    some other Crazy rat will have a poke at it i guess...

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