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    UK: "License Ban in 90 minutes for Drink Driving"

    Licence ban 'in 90 minutes' as drink-driving crackdown announced

    A Christmas crackdown on drink-driving has been launched with some motorists warned they face losing their licence 90 minutes after being charged.

    Drivers could face a driving ban if caught (Picture: Alamy)
    Drivers across the country will be met by ‘hotspots’ testing for drug and drugs, the Association of Chief Police Officers said.

    Thousands of alcohol tests will be carried out at all hours, including early in the morning to target revellers who may still be drunk from the night before.

    Acpo’s head of roads policing, Dep Ch Con Suzette Davenport, said: ‘People often ask how much they can safely have to drink before driving.

    ‘The simple answer is that the only true safe drink-drive limit is none.’

    A total of 170,000 drivers were breath-tested during the month-long national crackdown last year, with 6,662 arrests made.

    There were 250 deaths and 1,230 serious injuries directly linked to collisions involving drink and drug driving last year, provisional figures suggest.

    Kent Police are using a system of video links between stations and courts that means suspects will appear before magistrates before they have been released from custody.

    If they plead or are found guilty at the first hearing then they can have their licences taken away immediately rather than being allowed to continue driving on bail.

    A trial scheme last year resulted in 11 people receiving disqualifications, with one appearing before magistrates 81 minutes after being charged.

    Dep Ch Con Alan Pughsley said: ‘The virtual court system means the defendant risks losing their licence on the day of charge.’


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    fast track convictions

    So a person arrested under this scheme is deemed fit to plead even though they are intoxicated? Shurely shomething wrong here? Hic!

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    Bloody English newspapers , if its a negative subject, they always show an English model in the mock up photos ,why not show a Chinese , a women wearing a burka ,or some turbaned Indian being breathalysed ?

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    in t' naughty lass
    perhaps because chinkies and pakis don't drink half as much as English?

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    Sooner they bring in roadside random drink + drug testing the better , half the loopy bastards I drive amongst everyday are off theyre face on something or other .

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