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    7 year old boy allowed to join Girl Scouts

    A SEVEN-YEAR-OLD Colorado boy's desire to join the Girl Scouts -- and the organisation's reversal of his initial rejection -- has put a spotlight on the Scouts' little-known policy of supporting transgender kids, FOX News reported today.

    The story of little Bobby Montoya came to light earlier this week, when his mother told a Denver TV station that Bobby's request to join his older sister in the venerable all-girl organisation was denied. Felisha Archuleta says Bobby dresses in girls' clothes and likes girls' toys.

    Ms Archuleta told KUSA-TV that a troop leader said "'It doesn't matter how he looks. He has boy parts, and he can't be in Girl Scouts. Girl Scouts don't allow that [and] I don't want to be in trouble by parents or my supervisor.'"

    But the local troop leader was apparently unaware of current policies within the organisation.

    The Girl Scouts of Colorado released a statement this week stating that they are an "inclusive organisation" and that little Bobby will be allowed to join if he wants to.

    "We accept all girls in kindergarten through 12th grade as members. If a child identifies as a girl and the child's family presents her as a girl, Girl Scouts of Colorado welcomes her as a Girl Scout," according to the statement.

    Transgender boy allowed to join Girl Scouts |

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    Seems to appear earlier in some....
    Little freak.

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    It is there from birth.They are what they are.

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    So poor Roberta has been perverted by his insane parents.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Aussie Tigger View Post
    It is there from birth.They are what they are.
    i assume the little creep was born with a dick.
    that makes him a boy.
    his mommy should explain that to him and tell him what a dick is used for.
    if he doesn't change his attitude, it can be beaten out of him.

    ..or perhaps the little bugger has figured that he may get laid if he is the only one at the girl scout camp-out with a dick!

    ..anybody know where i can go to get myself signed up to join the girlscouts?
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    beep!. ting, ting
    redirecting, please be patient..........:

    hello, insect!
    brrrzzzt, brrrzzzt..................

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    FFS... surely it would make more sense (resources-ways), and help diffuse any shock-subversion tactics by the perverts of the far left to just have "the scouts", and have children do constructive things together?

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