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    Shooting at Nevada IHop

    Fatal Shooting At Nevada Pancake Restaurant

    Two people have been killed and at least seven are seriously wounded after a shooting at a restaurant in Carson City, Nevada.
    One of the fatalities is believed to be the gunman who opened fire shortly before 9am at a branch of the popular chain International House of Pancakes (IHop).
    The gunman is reported to have opened fire on customers in the restaurant with a semi-automatic gun, then turned the weapon on himself.
    The wounded customers have been transported to a nearby hospital.

    Gary Gamba, who works opposite the restaurant, said: "We just heard basically a string of gunshots, probably 5 to 7 back to back to back to back and then there was probably 30 second delay then an automatic weapon fired, probably 20 to 30 shots."
    Mr Gamba said smoke could be seen from the weapons and several minutes later police and ambulances began to arrive

    Fatal Shooting At Nevada Pancake Restaurant - Yahoo!
    Well, luckily I didn't have any tortoises on me at the time...

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    They need an IHOP in BKK

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