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    Australians want government censorship....sad day.

    MORE Australians than not think a ban on social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook during riots should get the go-ahead, a poll suggests.

    The question was posed by the most recent Essential Research survey today.

    It comes after UK prime minister David Cameron proposed banning such sites, which were blamed in part for mobilising rioters in London earlier this month.

    Asked if they would support a ban of Twitter and Facebook during situations similar to the London riots, 47 per cent said they would, compared to 39 per cent against.

    Frequency of use appeared to play a big part in how the respondents voted, with 62 per cent of those who use social media frequently voting against the hypothetical ban.

    It went down to 31 per cent for people who use those websites occasionally and 25 per cent of those who never use them.

    47pc back website ban during riots - poll | Herald Sun

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    02-11-2016 @ 08:50 AM
    the world's gone mad.

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    Today @ 06:10 AM
    can they not just ban twitter and facebook all the time ?

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    31-08-2012 @ 07:47 PM
    Strange. You'd think they might want to ban hate websites or porn as those are the typical targets. It's a new world. Who are these people anyways? I'd guess mostly older people many of whom don't really use the Internet. The western world is top heavy in terms of age.

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    12-09-2019 @ 05:24 PM
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    most australians just don't get it - if you have a knee jerk reaction and call for stricter laws, everytime something bad happens, then you gradually chisel away your freedom. and the same idiots cry out about their lack of freedom when they cant sit on the beach and enjoy a beer!

    the place has gone mad. way too over governed and over policed. i won't be surprised if there will be wankers in bright orange vests at every traffic light, ready to fine you if you leave your engine running if the lights are red for more than 10 seconds, once this carbon tax goes through. and then they will think of something else to fine you for ............then something else ......and on...

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    25-05-2019 @ 12:56 PM
    last week the train police in San Francisco shot and killed someone and protests were scheduled at some of the train (BART Bay Area Rapid Transit) stations. The government employees who run the station responded by cutting off cell phone service within the station and trains.

    It was both sad and amazing to me how many people supported this action and could not see the problem with it, especially in San Francisco which has one of the most highly educated populations in the Country.

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