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    Libya War Lies - Worse Than Iraq - Video - Thomas Mountain

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    it is definitely gearing toward an Iraq mess,

    we never learn,

    Sarko wanted to play Napoleon, his favorite childhood hero

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    Three loud explosions have rocked the center of the Libyan capital city of Tripoli as fighting between revolutionaries and government troops still rage on across the country.

    NATO has been bombing Libya since March, claiming that its raids are intended to protect civilians from regime forces of Libyan ruler Muammar Gaddafi.
    PressTV article.
    PressTV - Three explosions hit Libyan capital

    What a nice pair of bastards Hague and Cameron are.

    Anyone looking in. Remember what you got with Labour ?

    Libya: NATO war crimes - Taking action - English

    Does USA Seek World War III? - English

    U.S. ?. We know It's not the America. Who is it

    NATO trying to commit mass murder in Libya - English

    And the big one coming up to September. Palestinian statehood before the U.N

    Israel looks into opportunity of new Lebanese war - English

    Makes you think, just a little bit

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