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    Not tonight, love.

    Not tonight, love... Health fears as Britain hit by condom shortage
    Last updated at 12:33 AM on 24th July 2011

    Durex: The leading condom brand has been hit by trouble with its suppliers
    Britain is facing a shortage of condoms following a dispute between leading brand Durex and its key supplier.
    The news has sparked fears of an increase in sexually transmitted diseases and unwanted pregnancies, as the NHS issued a statement warning of ‘disruption’ to the supply.
    Sexual health expert Dr Malcolm Vandenburg said the shortage could put the safe sex message at risk, saying: ‘The fear is that if there is a shortage, young people will begin to have unprotected sex.
    'Once they get used to doing this may continue not to use condoms even when the supply is back to normal.’

    The shortage has been caused by Indian firm TTK Lig halting its supply of condoms in a price dispute with Durex owner Reckitt Benckiser.

    Safe sex: But the shortage could dissuade young people from using condoms in the future
    The Slough-based company launched a High Court bid to force TTK to resume supply, but the claim was rejected.
    A spokesman said the company was ‘actively managing the situation to mitigate any damage’.
    Durex is Britain’s most popular brand of condom, accounting for 40 per cent of the market. TTK makes more than half of them.

    Read more: Not tonight, love... Health fears as Britain hit by condom shortage | Mail Online

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    How cum SHE opening the pac ?
    er jab , no ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by crippen
    Not tonight, love... Health fears as Thailand hit by condom shortage
    Apparently only supplies of the very smallest size condoms ARE effected so only posters like "theoldfart" "social" "pupa" should be concerned, for all the others posting here and sized normal, large and very large can pump away as usual!

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