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    The ten-day traffic jam driving China mad

    Bangkok not so bad after all!


    In a list of the top places to spend the summer, a motorway just outside Beijing beneath a pall of smog and battered by ferocious heat would probably not feature. But some have little choice. For five days, thousands of Chinese motorists have been stuck in the world's worst traffic jam that stretches for 60 miles. And even worse, the 10-day queue is expected to remain backed up until at least the end of the month.
    The mother of all road works have spawned a temporary and very slow-moving community. Truck drivers, their vehicles packed with coal from Inner Mongolia, wash themselves in the scorching heat by the roadside, play cards to pass the time, and sleep beneath their lorries. Occasionally they get back into the vehicles to move forward a few inches then turn off the engines and get out again.

    The ten-day traffic jam driving China mad - Asia, World - The Independent
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    Old news been two weeks already.
    Anyhooter they are Chinese. So no feelings lost.

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