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    The Bear With A Jar On His Head

    You heard about the boy with a fish up his anus, the guy with a fir tree growing in his lung, and the guy with a pea plant growing in his lung. Now TD brings you the Jar with a bear living inside it.

    A black bear cub that was on the verge of death after getting his head stuck in a large plastic jar has been set free to enjoy his first meal in at least 10 days.

    The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission spotted the helpless animal

    The wild six-month-old, nicknamed Jarhead, got into the difficult situation while looking for food amongst industrial rubbish in a Florida neighbourhood.

    The cub managed to poke his head into the discarded clear jar - but could not get it off.

    Residents of a small community near Weirsdale spotted the helpless animal and informed the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC).

    The cub had not eaten or drunk anything for more than a week because of the impediment and experts said it was days away from death.

    A team from the FWC stepped in to save the youngster, tranquilising its mother then grabbing the cub and removing the jar.

    "It was a lot easier said than done," the FWC's Mike Orlando said.

    Their plan to get to the cub involved setting traps for the mother bear, but she managed to avoid all of them.

    Jarhead, minus the jar, scampers after mum after being set free

    The family then disappeared soon after and the biologists feared the young animal may have died.

    Two days later a local reported seeing the bears, prompting Mr Orlando and his team to return to the community.

    The FWC said Jarhead put up a good fight but was eventually eased from the plastic prison.

    The cub and its family were later relocated to a less populated area to stop them rummaging through garbage.

    Jarhead Black Bear Cub Has Jar Removed From Head: Baby Animal Had Not Eaten For 10 Days | Strange News | Sky News

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    same type of story doing the rounds in queensland,saturday evening at a local rsl an australian got his fingers trapped in his wallet

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    They would have killed it and eaten it here, the bear not the aussie.

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    The other bears should have helped him take it off.

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    One day when I was living in the states, I had a skunk with a yoplait yogurt cup stuck on his head walking along the road in front of my house slamming his head against the curb. I got a big plastic sheet and threw it over him and pulled the cup off. He scurried away. This is pretty common in the states. I'd guess there's less nowadays than when I was a kid because people recycle a bit more.

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