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    Flying club apprentice ruins Upper East Side woman's enjoyment of her latte

    An Upper East Side man jumped 18 floors to his death last night -- narrowly missing Starbucks customers leisurely enjoying coffee below.

    Todd Crockett, 37, leaped from his apartment window at about 6 p.m. and landed in the patio of the Starbucks at the base of his building at 351 E. 84th St.

    Rachel Mullin, 34, of the Upper East Side, was reading a magazine when Crockett landed only feet away from her.

    "It was a like big bang. He almost fell on top of me," she said. "Everybody started yelling and screaming to get out of the way. I literally had blood on me. I feel lucky he didn't fall on top of me.

    "Do I wish I picked a different Starbucks today? Oh, yeah."

    Crockett was described as a quiet tenant who kept an immaculate apartment, according to building superintendent Josť Alicea -- who said it wasn't the first suicide at the building.

    "You can never get used to seeing something like that," Alicea said. "It was totally gruesome."

    Man leaps 18 floors to his death - and barely misses horrified Starbucks customers below -

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    351 E. 84th St

    You sure the address wasn't: '3-2-1 NOW!!!'?
    Sad...sick. But its all in the book:
    "500 Humane Ways to Say "Th-th-th-That's All Folks!"

    It's number #481. Could have been worse. Can we expect much more from 'thoughtless'?

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    "It was a like big bang. He almost fell on top of me,"
    Yer, I know it's serious story but I'm a sick puppy so I had to laugh at that.

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