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    Sex education teacher

    Sex education teacher admits to double life as porn star

    By Daily Mail Reporter
    Last updated at 7:40 PM on 12th July 2010

    A high school sex education teacher has admitted moonlighting - as a porn star.

    Benedict Garrett had been outed as a stripper after pupils stumbled upon a website promoting his services as 'Johnny Anglais'.

    But now it has emerged that on top of his stripping routines, he also films sex scenes for titles such as European Honeyz 4.
    And he admits he doesn't always use protection when performing for the camera - despite his role promoting safe sex to teenagers.

    Mr Garrett, 30, who has been suspended as a department head by school chiefs, told The Sun: 'I'm not ashamed of what I've done.

    'It is something I do in my personal life that doesn't go against anything I teach the kids.

    'There are many more immoral ways to earn money than romping in front of the camera.

    'Lawyers defend paedophiles, bankers raise money using questionable means and large corporations often put finances ahead of the government.'

    He added that he doesn't use condoms when performing because he believes the risk of catching anything from a fellow porn star is 'minute'.

    Mr Garrett began starring in porn films when he was a student, earning 300 a scene.

    He said he loved earning money while 'romping with beautiful girls' but vowed to leave the industry after he gained his teaching qualifications.

    He became head of Personal, Social, Health and Economic Education at Beal High School in Ilford, Essex, in 2008.

    But he resumed his stripping at the weekends and agreed to another porn film after being contacted by a producer.

    He only found out he had been rumbled as a stripper when he caught pupils giggling.

    'News of the Johnny Anglais website had spread like wildfire. The school suspended me so they could investigate.'

    Read more: Sex education teacher admits to double life as porn star | Mail Online

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    Noone here gets out alive
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    The back of beyond..on the bloody PC by the looks of it!!
    Sounds like he is totally qualified for the job at the school...who better to teach you about sex than a professional????

    Maybe condoms would be a good idea when on the job 'mates'

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    20-05-2013 @ 03:15 PM
    So what is he doing wrong exactly?

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    echo that .
    got caught, besides that , nothing.

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    his website


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    Quote Originally Posted by Black Belt Jones
    So what is he doing wrong exactly?
    Wasn't he supposed to inform his employer of his second job, in case there's a conflict of interest ? I believe it to be that way if working in local government. So I'd imagine teachers being stuck with the same rule.

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    That would be so funny and mad if you were one of his pupils, I'd have loved it if it happened when I was at school.... you'd probably have to leave due to the amount of gossip anyway. I bet all the pupils were looking for his porn scenes haha might have a look myself later if it's not blocked.
    and he just stands there, waiting for me to drive my truck straight through him, with LIGHT coming out of his mouth!

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    Quote Originally Posted by taxexile View Post
    his website

    Looked at the site
    I wife wanted to see his Testimonials ......but he had his pants on

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