Sinkhole swallows car in Bellefontaine Neighbors

KSDK -- It was a close call for one woman Monday night when her car was swallowed by a sinkhole.. all while she was in the vehicle.

It happened just south of 270 and 367 in Bellefontaine Neighbors.

At first Jerry Blair wasn't sure what he was seeing. "I panicked... all I saw was the whole car under water and it freaked me out," he explained.

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Just minutes earlier, in the parking lot of a former grocery store, Blair's wife said she was convinced she was seeing just a little water on the road.

When she tried to drive through, the SUV dove head first in to a hole full of water.

In seconds she was under water. "She had tried to get to the passenger side and every time she let the window down water came gushing in," said her husband.

By the time rescue crews arrived, Sherry Blair had wiggled her way out of her Jeep and jumped to solid ground. But her passenger, the family dog, was still inside.

Jerry says he swam to the back window where first responders could get him out.

The water company shut off a broken water main and what fire crews say was a constant flow of water.

The property owner says he's had two other sink holes in the parking lot caused by broken sewer lines.

It's still unclear if a sewer line played a role in this case, or if the water main broke first and caused the sink hole.